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Two button recliner remote controller with two 2-pin plugs

Two button recliner remote controller with two 2-pin plugs

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This remote control features two buttons and two leads with 2-pin plugs. It is designed specifically for recliners and lift chairs that use a single motor and a 2-pin plug for the motor connection.

Remote Features:

  • Simple Operation: Two easy-to-use buttons control reclining and lifting functions for effortless operation of your chair.
  • Two-pin plugs:
One male plug connects to the included power adapter.
One female plug connects directly to the motor on your chair.

Compatibility Check:

  • Plug Type: This remote control will not work with chairs that use the common round 5-pin plug. Double-check your existing remote's plug type before purchasing.
  • Number of Buttons & Motors: This remote control has only two buttons and is suitable for single-motor chairs only. If your chair has more buttons or uses two or more motors, this remote won't be compatible.

Avoid confusing Power Adapter Plug with Remote Plug:

We recommend taking a moment to identify the correct plug on your chair to avoid any confusion. Many chairs have a separate power adapter that uses a 2-pin plug. The remote control port might be hidden within the armrest pocket and use a different style of plug.

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