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About us

Life easy supply offers innovative problem-solving products to help you enjoy an easier life.
We work hard to find solutions to minimize your housework and improve your life quality.
We are a company located in China, and we have been in the exporting wholesale business since 2013.
The company is concentrated on the creative household, personal care, and cosmetics products mainly.
As an exporter, we deal with wholesalers/distributors from all over the world, offer products to them in bulk. And it is quite different from the Life Easy Supply project - as our latest project, the Life Easy Supply aimed to reach out to global customers directly and offer valuable products at a more competitive price.

At Life Easy Supply, customer satisfaction is the first priority. We ship to worldwide customers with FREE SHIPPING, and we promise a 30 days money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your item, please feel free to drop it back to us and claim your refunds.