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RMT R812322040333 Linear Actuator

RMT R812322040333 Linear Actuator

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  • This is the genuine RMT R812322040333 linear actuator. A durable and reliable replacement drive motor for your power recliner or lift chair's open/close (up/down) function.
  • This actuator is designed specifically for models with the same R812322040333 model number, as well as other R8123 models that end with "040333" (such as R812302040333 and R812342040333). If your model number doesn't end with 040333, this actuator won't be a suitable replacement.
  • The actuator comes with two cables/plugs, a 2-pin male plug for power and a 5-pin female plug for the remote controller.
  • This actuator is made by Remacro Machinery & Technology (Wujiang) Co., Ltd.



  • Model: R8123
  • Input: DC24V 2.1A
  • Power: 50W
  • Duty Cycle: 1min ON, 8min OFF


Important notice:

  • Please note that this actuator does not accept returns or refunds, so we advise against purchasing it for testing purposes.
  • Additionally, If your actuator's model is not R812322040333 or does not start with R8123 and end with 040333, please refrain from ordering this product.
  • If you're unsure whether this actuator is compatible with your chair, please contact us at or call us at +8613802247190 to confirm.
  • If you decide to purchase this product, please be aware that the lead time for delivery is 2-15 days, depending on stock availability.
  • We ship from China using DHL/FedEx or similar methods, with shipping times of around 5-10 days. The shipping cost is 40 USD.
  • When placing your order, please provide a physical address and avoid using a P.O. Box address.
  • If you're located in Canada or Europe, please note that there will be a 20-30 USD importing tax/VAT collected by the shipping carrier before final delivery.

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