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Replacement remote controller for the SL-A190 massage chair

Replacement remote controller for the SL-A190 massage chair

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This remote control does not accept returns.
  • This remote control is only suitable for the SL-A190 massage chair, and if your massage chair has other faults, replacing the remote control may not be able to repair the massage chair. Please make sure that your massage chair uses the same remote control, and your chair has no other malfunctions.
  • Ordering this product means that you have known the above information and agreed to the above terms.
  • We do not have stock for this product, anytime you order, we will need to purchase it from the manufacturer, which will take around 15 days.
  • Genuine SL-A190 massage chair remote controller.
  • Sourced from the manufacturer.
  • Compatible with the iRest SL-A190 massage chair (iRest offers ODM service for a lot of massage chair brands, if your chair has the same appearance as the iRest SL-A190 massage chair, this remote controller may also work on your chair).

Package includes: 

  • 1* remote controller

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