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eMoMo HX90C2LUC Switch for Recliner Lift Chair 5 button with USB

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  • This is the genuine eMoMo HX90C2LUC switch, if your original switch has the same model number, this switch will replace it perfectly.
  • This switch has 5 buttons and 1 USB charging port, it operates the up/down of the chair, and the LED lights ON/OFF.
  • The switch has 3 plugs, the 5-pin round plug connects to the up/down motor, and the rest 2 plugs are connected to the LED lights.
  • Suitable for dual/2 motor chairs.
  • USB charging port: 5V 2.1A output
  • With install screws
  • With a front cover panel


The HX90C2LUC is a sub-model of the HX90, and it can’t replace or be replaced by other sub-models, to decide if this is the correct switch for you: there is a barcode sticker on your switch, if the serial number under the barcode starts with “SN:E90C2LUC”, then this switch will replace yours, if your serial number starts with a different code, this switch won’t replace your switch, please do not order.


Operation Guide:

  • First thing to do after install
    After installing this switch to your chair, please operate all the actuator motors to the longest and shortest position a couple of times, so that the switch can identify the stroke of the motor.
  • Avoid quick operation of the buttons
    When responding to the switching operation, the current is relatively large, which is likely to cause damage to the switch.

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