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SMT-H60208 Six Button 8 Pin Remote Controller for Recliner or Lift Chair with Backlit USB

SMT-H60208 Six Button 8 Pin Remote Controller for Recliner or Lift Chair with Backlit USB

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This is the genuine SMT-H60208 remote controller, if your remote controller has the exact same model number, this remote controller will replace yours seamlessly. 

Key features:

  • Six buttons control three motors for reclining and other functions.
  • Eight Pin male plug
  • Soft touch surface ensures user friendly grip
  • Large, backlit buttons for easy use in low light.
  • Plug &Play: easy to replace.
  • USB charging port: charge your mobile device through the remote control. 
  • Extendable coiled cable keeps things tidy and hides away in the side pocket for a clean look



  • Model: SMT-H60208
  • Input: DC 29V
  • Output: USB DC 5V 2A

Compatibility disclaimer:

This remote control is not compatible with all recliners.  To ensure a perfect fit, please check the following before purchasing:

  • Does your existing remote control have the model number SMT-H60208? If so, this remote is a direct replacement.
  • Does your recliner/lift chair/sofa have three motors? This remote only works with furniture that uses three motors.
  • Is the main motor's plug 8-pin? The main motor (also called the "master motor") should have an 8-pin connector. Do the two other motors (called "slave motors") connect directly to the main motor? If your furniture uses a different configuration, this remote will not work.
  • Does your current remote control have heat/vibration functions? This remote only controls reclining and other basic functions. If your existing remote offers heat or vibration features, this remote will not be a suitable replacement.
  • Is your recliner's remote control connected to a junction box instead of directly to the motor? This remote cannot replace remotes that connect through a junction box.
  • If you are unsure about any of these points, please do not purchase this remote.  You can contact us for assistance.

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