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eMoMo NHX03 Massage Remote Controller for Power Recliner or Lift Chair

eMoMo NHX03 Massage Remote Controller for Power Recliner or Lift Chair

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To ensure the seamless ordering of your replacement remote controller, kindly furnish us with the serial number of your current remote controller. Please carefully review the product instruction page for comprehensive details.

  • This link serves as a universal avenue for replacing any remote within the eMoMo NHX03 family. Regardless of visual disparities from the image provided, if your remote's model number corresponds to NHX03, you can proceed with your order through this link.
  • The NHX03 remote control series encompasses numerous sub-models, each tailored to specific chair types. Therefore, it's imperative to supply us with your remote's serial number during the ordering process. This facilitates our dispatch of the appropriate sub-model compatible with your chair. Failure to provide a serial number or submitting an incorrect one will result in a temporary hold on your order.
  • Your remote-control bears two labels on its back: a model label and a barcode label. The serial number, crucial for identifying the correct sub-model, is situated on the barcode label and typically commences with "SN:E03" or "SN:WT03". We require the initial 15 characters of the serial number for sub-model determination.

Please refer to the following methods for locating the serial number:

Backside of the Hand Controller:

Find a barcode sticker on the back of the hand controller, with the serial number positioned below it. Note that we require the serial number, not the model number, from this sticker.

Legal Label Verification:

In case the barcode sticker on the remote controller is illegible, you can still discern the serial number by referencing the manufacturer's name on the chair's legal label, typically found on the backside of the footrest.

Control Box/Junction Box Inspection:

Locate a matching barcode on the control box (junction box) akin to that on the remote control. The control box, usually a black rectangular plastic casing, houses all electronic parts (remote controller, power adapter, motor, etc.) and is typically situated within the seat's base. In some instances, you may need to tilt the chair to access it from underneath or the back. Note that the barcode might be on the obscured side of the control box, requiring removal for visibility.

If you encounter difficulties with the aforementioned methods, providing the brand name and model number of your chair might also work.

To furnish the serial number:

Add the remote controller to cart, and go to the cart page. Input it into the "Special instruction for seller" section during checkout.

If uncertain about specific characters, capture a clear image of the serial number sticker and forward it to our email at Please ensure the email address corresponds to your order placement and include your order number for identification purposes.

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Customer Reviews

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Steven Statler

eMoMo NHX03 Massage Remote Controller for Power Recliner or Lift Chair

Linda Rhoades
Replacement part

I was very pleased with the efficiency with which my request was answered. I received the part in a timely fashion, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use the service again

Cliff Schwartzman

Exact replacement, very fast shipping and working perfectly!!
Thank you!

Mary Schroeder

I have been on vacation and have not installed the controller. I received excellent help in getting the correct controller hopefully

Gordon Talbert
Great service

The right thing at the right price and delivered at the right, prompt time. Great service and very nice customer service.

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