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MLSK59-B1(LSF) Switch 4 Button with USB

MLSK59-B1(LSF) Switch 4 Button with USB

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  • This is the genuine MLSK59-B1(LSF) Switch, a 4-button switch designed specifically for use in power recliners, lift chairs, sectional sofas, and other motion furniture.
  • The MLSK59-B1(LSF) has 4 Buttons. The main button controls the head cushion and lumbar, and raises and reclines the chair. The left round button turns the LED light on and off, while the other round button saves your preferred position. A square button beside the USB port serves as a reset button, returning the chair to its home position when held down.
  • This switch comes with a built-in USB charging port that outputs at 5V 2A, allowing you to charge your mobile devices while you relax in your chair.
  • This switch has 2 output cables, the one with a round DC plug is for the LED light, the other one with a round 8 pin plug is connected to the main motor of the chair.

Important Notice

  • This switch is not cross-compatible and should only be ordered if the original switch has the exact same model number.
  • The MLSK59-B1(LSF) cannot replace the MLSK59-B1(RSF) for the right side. Contact us for the RSF version if needed.

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