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MLSK35-G(LSF)1.3M-L Recliner Switch & Junction Box 5 Button USB

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  • Genuine MLSK35-G(LSF)1.3M-L switch and junction box, if your switch has the same model number, you can use this one to replace yours.
  • Include a 5-button controller switch and a junction box, operates 2 linear actuators.
  • With USB charging port: 5V 2A output
  • The plug between the controller switch and the junction box is 8 pins
  • The plug from the junction box to the linear actuator motor is 5 pins



  • Please DO NOT order this item if your model number is not MLSK35-G(LSF)1.3M-L
  • If your original switch’s model number is started with “MLSK”, please send a picture of the label to us, we can offer any model that starts with "MLSK".
  • We do not keep stock for this item, it will take 7-10 days for us to get the item ready for shipping.

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