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Kaidi KDPT007-168 Linear Actuator

Kaidi KDPT007-168 Linear Actuator

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  • This is the genuine Kaidi KDPT007-168 linear actuator assembly.
  • This actuator is used for motion furniture, such as power recliners, lift chairs, couches, and loveseats. It drives the open/close (up/down) motion.
  • The stroke for this linear actuator is 335mm.
  •  The KDPT007-168 linear actuator has 2 leads, a 2-pin male plug connects to the power supply, and a 5-pin plug connects to the remote controller.



  • Model: KDPT007-168
  • Maximum load: 800N
  • Speed: 42mm/s
  • Stroke: 335mm
  • Rated voltage: DC 29V
  • Rated power: 75W
  • Maximum duty cycle: 2 minutes ON and 18 minutes OFF


Please note:

  • This actuator is not compatible with all motion furniture. Please make sure that your linear actuator has the exact same model number (KDPT007-168) before ordering.
  • This item is not returnable or refundable. Please avoid test buying.
  • We recommend troubleshooting the power adapter, remote controller, switch, junction box, and cables before purchasing this actuator.
  • The lead time for delivery is 2-20 days, depending on stock availability.
  • If you need a different model, please contact us for a quote.

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