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Universal 2 Buttons 5 Pin Remote Controller for Lift Chair Or Power Recliner

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This wired remote controller has 2 buttons, it operates the UP/DOWN motion for recliners/lift chairs/sofas which has only ONE linear actuator motor.

This hand controller uses the industry-standard round 5 pin plug, which makes it widely compatible with most electric sofas, recliners, and lift chairs in the market.
If your original remote controller is broken, you can use this remote controller to replace it.

  • Suitable for recliners/lift chairs/couches from Ashley, Golden, Catnapper, Serta,  Franklin, and many other brands.
  • Compatible with Okin, Limoss, Linak, Timotion, Pride, Kaidi, Richmat, Delta Drive, and many other brand's linear actuator motors.
  • Low cost: same effect and up to 75% cheaper than the official remote controller
  • High quality: made by professional motion components manufacturer, better quality than other cheap remote controllers in the market. 




Please note:

  • There are two types of plugs for this control, one is straight and the other is L shape. Please choose according to the shape of your existing hand control plug.

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