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KDFSJ-403-6 Kaidi Linear Actuator For Power Recliner Lift Chairs

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This motor - Kaidi Linear Actuator model KDFSJ-403-6 is for replacement purposes only, please only order it when your original linear actuator has the exact same model & specification.
We can also help you get other Kaidi Linear Actuators, if this one is not what you need, please take a picture of the linear Actuator's label, and send it to our email (lifeeasysupply@outlook.com)

Technical data:

  • Model: KDFSJ-403-6
  • Stroke: 195mm/7.68inch
  • Max. load: 6000N
  • Speed: 4-6mm/s
  • Rated Voltage: DC 29V
  • Rated Input: 55W
  • Max. Duty Cycle: 2 min ON and 18 min OFF (10%)

  • 2 pin flat & round power transformer connection
  • 5 pin hand controller plug connection

Package includes:
  • 1* Kaidi Linear Actuator (model number KDFSJ-403-6)

Attention Please
  • Please only order this item when your original linear actuator motor has the exact same model number and specification, this item is very heavy, we DO NOT accept returns
  • The item will be shipped through express (takes around 7-15 days), the shipping cost is 40USD
  • The operation time is around 10 business days (ship out within 10 business days after you place the order)

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