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eMoMo NHX032B4HL junction box/control box for recliner / lift chair

eMoMo NHX032B4HL junction box/control box for recliner / lift chair

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  • This is the genuine eMoMo NHX032B4HL junction box. This junction box also known as the control box; it is intended to connect all the electric components together for power recliner/lift chairs.
  • If your junction box has the same model number, this junction box will be a perfect replacement for it.

Please note:

The NHX03 is a big family with tens of sub-models, and most of them are not cross-compatible. This one is NHX032B4HL. To decide if this junction box can replace yours, please check your original junction box, find the barcode sticker, and check if the serial number on the sticker is started with SN:E032B4HL or SN:WT032B4HL (please refer to the following image):

Package includes:

  • 1* NHX032B4HL junction box,


We can provide other sub-models as well, if you need a different one, please send us a picture of your junction box's serial number sticker, we will recommend the correct one for you.

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