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YKW_MD111N Heat & Vibration Hand Controller for Recliner 6 Button 8 Pin

YKW_MD111N Heat & Vibration Hand Controller for Recliner 6 Button 8 Pin

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This YKW_MD111N remote control operates the heat and vibration massage functions for specific power recliners and lift chairs.


  • 6 Buttons for intuitive control
  • 8-pin female connector

Compatibility (Important):

This remote is not universal. To ensure compatibility, please compare it to your original remote control.

Note: Checking compatibility requires disassembling your original remote using a screwdriver to access the circuit board and verify the code and wire sequence.

This remote will replace your original only if:

  • Appearance: They look identical.
  • Circuit Board Code: The code on your circuit board matches YKW_MD111N.
  • Wire Sequence: The wire colors and order match this remote's sequence (Orange, Brown, Blue, White, Black, Yellow, Red).

*** If any of these points differ, please do not order this remote. ***

*** If your original remote is missing, this remote likely won't work with your chair. ***


  • Vibration On/Off
  • Heat On/Off
  • Timer
  • 5-Level Vibration Intensity Adjustment
  • 9 Massage Mode Selection
  • Auto Function

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