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RMT WPS4C10025 4 button Switch W/ USB Backlit for Recliner Lift Chair

RMT WPS4C10025 4 button Switch W/ USB Backlit for Recliner Lift Chair

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  • This RMT 4 Button switch is suitable for operating the raise/recline of the recliner/chair lift. The model number is WPS4C10025.
  • This switch is available in two versions, WPS4C10025(L) and WPS4C10025(R), depending on whether it is installed on the left or right side of the recliner (when facing the recliner).
    WPS4C10025(L) is the version that is mounted on the left side of the recliner and its manufacturer number is 23300145x000
    WPS4C10025(R) is the version that is installed on the right side of the recliner, and its manufacturer number is 23300146x000
  • The switch has 2 plugs, one is 5 pin male connects to the footrest motor, the other one is 2 pin female, connects to the headrest motor.
  • The switch is manufactured by RMT's subsidiary Huizhou UPSPRING Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Some previous version of this switch may use a RMT model and manufacturing code, which is different from the current model number and manufacturer number, but if the switch looks identical, this switch will replace the previous version.



  • Four buttons: operates the raise/recliner, footrest up/down and headrest back and forth, suitable for motor recliner/lift chairs with 2 linear actuator motors
  • With USB port: you can use it to charge your mobile devices
  • With backlight: make it easier to operate in the dark


  • Input voltage: 29V 2A
  • USB port output voltage: 5V 2.1A
  • Color: Black
  • Cord length: 2.1 meters

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