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Right Angled Power Cord YH-K290020-C for Power Recliner or Lift Chair, 29V 2A

Right Angled Power Cord YH-K290020-C for Power Recliner or Lift Chair, 29V 2A

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  • This is the genuine YH-K290020-C power cord, it features a non-universal right angled (90 degree) female 2 pin plug.
  • If your power cord has the same model number and output plug, you can use this one to replace yours.
  • The output of this power cord is 29V 2A.
  • It is suitable for power recliners, lift chairs and some adjustable beds.
  • This one can replace the OKIN JLDP.10.043.001 power adapter.


  • Model: YH-K290020-C
  • Input: 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 1.6A
  • Output: 29.0V 2A

Important notice

  • The model of this power adapter is YH-K290020-C, if your power adapter model is different, please do not order.
  • The YH-K290020-C has multiple types of output plugs. This one features a right angled (90°) 2-pin female plug. If your plug is different, please do not order.
  • This power adapter is only for US/Canada/Mexico, if you are not from the above countries, please do not order.

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Customer Reviews

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Angelica Olmos Medrano

Works well as intended

Search ended with Life Easy Supply

I want to thank Life Easy Supply for helping obtain the correct power cord for my new recliner. I had search many vendors but no one could help me until I found Life Easy Supply. Now I am content that my Power Recliner is working and I sit in comfort. Than you again Life Easy Supply
Joe Salaises

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