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OKIN JLDQ.19.377.195D01 Linear Actuator

OKIN JLDQ.19.377.195D01 Linear Actuator

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  • This is the genuine OKIN JLDQ.19.377.195D01 Linear Actuator, it can replace the JLDQ.19.377.195D01 and JLDQ.19.377.195D02 linear actuators. If your actuator's model number is one of them, you can use this actuator to replace yours.
  • This actuator has 2 plugs, one is 5 pin male, it connects to the remote controller, the other one is 2 pin male plug, it connects to the power supply.
  • This actuator is NOT universal, if your original actuator's model number is not JLDQ.19.377.195D01 or JLDQ.19.377.195D02, please DO NOT order.

  • Voltage: 24 or 29V
  • Power: 100W
  • Stroke: 195mm
  • Minimum installation size: 377mm
  • Max. load: 4000N
  • Speed: 7.5mm/s

Attention please:
  • As the shipping cost for this item is too high, our return policy does not apply to this item (THIS ITEM DOES NOT ACCEPT RETURN), If you are not sure if this is the model you need, please DO NOT order

Shipping instructions:
  • We do not keep stock for this item, anytime you order, it will take us about 5 days to get it from the manufacturer.
  • The item will be shipped from China, the shipping method is DHL/FedEx or other similar methods, and the shipping time is around 7-15 days.
  • The shipping cost is 40USD.

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