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MLSK57-J1 Four Button Remote Controller with Two Male 5-Pin Plugs

MLSK57-J1 Four Button Remote Controller with Two Male 5-Pin Plugs

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  • This is the genuine MLSK57-J1 remote controller, if your remote controller has the same model number, this remote controller will replace yours perfectly.
  • This remote controller has four buttons which are supposed to operate the up/down (open/close) and head cushion back/forth for power recliners or lift chairs.
  • This remote controller has two male 5-pin plug, one connects to the lift motor, the other one connects with the head cushion motor.
  • There is an USB port on the side of the remote controller, you can use it to charge your mobile device.



This remote controller uses a dual 5-pin plug connection method, which is not a commonly used connection method in the industry. Please do not buy it if the plug of your remote control is not a dual 5pin plug.


Replacing side switches:

  • This remote control can replace some 4-button switches installed on the armrest - when these 4-button switches also use similar dual 5-pin plugs (such as the four-button switch commonly used by Ashley).
  • During installation, you need to use the plug of this remote control to replace the plug of the switch. After the installation, the original side switch will be disabled.

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