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MLSK111-A1 Remote Controller for Power Recliner Lift Chairs 2 Button 5 Pin W/ USB & Backlight

MLSK111-A1 Remote Controller for Power Recliner Lift Chairs 2 Button 5 Pin W/ USB & Backlight

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This is the genuine MLSK111-A1 remote controller, it has 2 buttons, and uses a round 5 pin male plug, it operates the up/down function of recliners and lift chairs. If your original remote controller has the same model number (MLSK111-A1), you can use this remote controller to replace it.

This remote controller is compatible with several Catnapper recliner & lift chairs, below are the compatible models:

  • 4824 Patriot series: 2016-19; 2016-34; 2016-38
  • 4827 Omni series: 2008-23; 2008-34; 2008-45
  • 4832 Invincible series: 2583-09; 2583-36
  • 4850 Preston series: 2148-39; 2148-28; 2148-04; 2148-29
  • 4864 Buckley series: 2792-29; 2792-26; 2792-28
  • 4897 Elsie series: 1207-09; 1207-28
  • 4898 Stallworth series: 1223-29/3023-29; 1223-09/3023-09
  • 4899 Brett series: 1429-49



  • 2 buttons: operates the up/down (open/close) function of the chair.
  • With USB charging port: You can use it to charge your mobile device
  • Buttons with backlights can be operated easily in the dark.
  • The extension cable connects between the remote controller and the chair is included; the overall cable length is appr 6.2ft.



  • Please put the remote control in the side pocket after operation to prevent damage from the remote control falling to the ground.
  • Do not press the remote-control cord under the base of the chair to prevent damage and short circuit
  • Do not pull the cord of the remote control forcefully, as the internal wires may break and cause damage.
  • If you have pets at home, it is best not to expose the remote-control wire to prevent pets' chewing

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