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Limoss HC110 2 Button Hand Control for Single motor Lift Chair

Limoss HC110 2 Button Hand Control for Single motor Lift Chair

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  • This is the Limoss HC110 remote controller, it is a perfect repalcement of the ELEASMB7306 hand controller.
  • This remote controller has 2 buttons, suitable for single motor lift chairs. Making it easy to operate the up/down function of the lift chair
  • The remote controller features a industry standard round 5 pin plug, which makes it widely compatible with most lift chair brands in the market.
  • The remote controller uses a 2 meter (appr 80inches) longer coil power cable, connects to the motor directly.

Important Notice 
The plug of this remote controller is a straight 5 pin plug, if your remote controller's plug is right angled (90 degree), you may need a converter (please refer to the following picture) to avoid the straight plug cannot be fully connected. In this circumstance, please select the "remote controller + converter" option

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