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KDDY094 Control Box for Lifting Desk

KDDY094 Control Box for Lifting Desk

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  • This is the genuine KDDY094 control box, also known as the junction box, and it also acts as the power adapter.
  • The KDDY094 is a two-channel control box for lifting desks. The control box connects to two lifting legs, control switch and the power socket.


  • Input: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz 3.6A 400VA
  • Output: 20.0V DC 8.0A 160.0W
  • Duty Cycle: Max. 1 Min ON, 9 Min OFF



Please note that the KDDY094 control box is not universally compatible with all lifting desks. Ensure that your current control box bears the exact model number KDDY094 before placing an order.



The KDDY094 control box comes in three sub-models: S440 and S650, S663. The S440 is specifically designed for two-stage lifting legs, while the S650 is suitable for three-stage lifting legs. Please carefully select the appropriate sub-model based on your original control box.

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