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JCTH35K50C-2-01V1 Control Switch for Adjustable Desk

JCTH35K50C-2-01V1 Control Switch for Adjustable Desk

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Genuine JCHT35K50C control switch for lifting desk. Operates the up/down of the desk.


  • The full model number is JCTH35K50C-2-01V1-B/01-10H-2D0-0/N-1. If your current switch has the exact same model number, this switch will replace yours seamlessly. 
  • If the full model number of your switch is only slightly different, then this switch may be able to replace yours. But to ensure a perfect fit for your desk, please check the model tag of your switch. The circled digits in the following picture need to be exactly the same as the ones shown. If they differ, this switch won't be compatible with your desk.


  • Operate by tilting for up and down
  • OLED displa
  • 2 Memory locations
  • Sedentary Reminder 
  • Child lock function 
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Fit with control box: JCB35N; JCB35N1/ JCB36N1; JCB35N2/ JCB36N2; JCB35N3/ JCB36N3; JCB36N4; JCB35M/ JCB36M; JCB35NS1/JCB36NS1/JCB35NS2/ JCB36NS2; JCB35NH2


  • 2 Memory Buttons 
  • Color: Black 
  • Plug type: 10 core crystal plug
  • Cable length: 2.0m (appr 80 inches)

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