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IDENO Junction Box /Control Box for Recliner Lift Chair 6 Wire

IDENO Junction Box /Control Box for Recliner Lift Chair 6 Wire

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Remote Controller Plug Type


  • According to the number of pins of the remote control plug, this control box has 2 versions: 3-pin and 5-pin.
  • Please choose the correct version according to your original control box.
  • If you choose the wrong one, this control box will not work on your chair.


  • Genuine IDENO junction box (also known as control box)
  • Widely used on power recliner & lift chair 
  • Operates the up/down, vibration massage, and heating.
  • If your original IDENO junction box is broken, you can use this one to replace it.
  • 6 Wires: connects to 1*linear actuator, 4 sets of vibration motors, 1*heating pad, 1* power adapter, 1* remote controller
  • Rated voltage: 29V


  • The IDENO junction box has 2 versions, this one has 6 wires, the other one has 5 wires, you can use this one to replace a 5 wires version, just keep the red DC plug disconnected, and do not let it touch metal components of your recliner.

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Lynn Loughren
Thank you

Thank you the box was successfully installed awsome very happy

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