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HX3448H 9-Button 8 Pin Heat & Vibration Remote Controller for Recliner or Lift Chair

HX3448H 9-Button 8 Pin Heat & Vibration Remote Controller for Recliner or Lift Chair

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This is the genuine HX3448H remote control. It will replace your remote controller seamlessly if your remote controller has the same model number.

This remote controller features nine buttons and an eight-pin male plug. It operates the heat & vibration massage function of a power recliner or lift chair.



  • 5 Massage Modes: Pulse, Press, Wave, Auto, Normal
  • 4 Massage area: Back, Lumbar, Thighs, Legs
  • 3 Massage Time option: 15/30/60 mins
  • 2 Massage intensity: Low, High
  • Heat ON/OFF


Compatibility Information:

Before purchasing this replacement remote controller, please ensure compatibility by checking the following criteria:

  1. Circuit Board Code:

The circuit board code must start with "HX34." To verify, dismount the remote controller, and inspect the circuit board. If the code begins with "DN," "KR," or "YKW," this remote is not compatible.

  1. Serial Number:

The serial number should start with "SN: E3448H" or "SN: WT3448H." Check the barcode and serial number sticker on the back shell. If the serial number starts with a different code or the sticker is missing, this remote may not be suitable for your chair.

Important Note: Incompatibility with either the circuit board code or serial number may result in the remote control not fitting your chair. Carefully verify these details to ensure a successful replacement.

Thank you for your attention to these compatibility requirements.



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