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HRU91-D-HV-NS-22SL-5-01 11 Button Remote Controller

HRU91-D-HV-NS-22SL-5-01 11 Button Remote Controller

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This is the genuine HRU91-D-HV-NS-22SL-5-01 remote controller. This remote controller is compatible with several Catnapper recliner/lift chairs.
  • This remote controller has 11 buttons, it operates the footrest open/close, head/back up/down, lumbar in/out; It also operates the vibration massage (with 3 massage modes) and heat on/off.
  • The remote controller has a USB port on top, the output is 5V 2A, you can use it to charge your mobile devices.
  • The buttons are equipped with backlit; it will light up when you press the button.
  • The cable length is appr 2.2m(7.2ft)

Important notice:
The HRU91 remote controller has multiple sub-models, for example HRU91-T-HV-NS-12SL-5-01, HRU91-D-HV-NS-235SL-5-01, HRU91-D-HV-NS-22SL-5-01, HRU91-D-HV-NS-235SL-5-02. These sub-models are NOT cross-compatible. This one is HRU91-D-HV-NS-22SL-5-01, please ONLY Buy it when your original remote controller's model number is exactly same.

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