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eMoMo HX90HUE/HX90HUEN Switch 5 Button 5 Pin with USB port for Lift Chair and Power Recliner

eMoMo HX90HUE/HX90HUEN Switch 5 Button 5 Pin with USB port for Lift Chair and Power Recliner

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  • This is the genuine eMoMo HX90HUE/HX90HUEN switch, a 5 button switch designed specifically for use in power recliners, lift chairs, sectional sofas, and other motion furniture.
  • The HX90HUE switch has a total of 5 buttons, with 4 butterfly-shaped buttons that control the backward and forward of the head cushion, as well as the open and close (raise and recline) of the chair. Additionally, the button with an arrow in the middle serves as a reset button, which, when pressed and held, returns the chair to its home position.
  • This switch comes with a built-in USB charging port that outputs at 5V 2A, allowing you to charge your mobile devices while you relax in your chair.
  • The switch connects to the chair's main motor through a standard round 5-pin plug, and its wire length is approximately 145cm (about 57 inches).

Package includes:

  • 1* HX90HUE switch,
  • 1* Aluminum switch cover
  • 2* Mounting screws

Important Notes:

  • Please note that this switch has two sub-versions: HX90HUE and HX90HUEN. When you are in front and facing the chair. The switch installed on the left armrest of the chair is the HX90HUE, while the one installed on the right armrest of the chair is the HX90HUEN. It is important to buy the correct sub-model, as using the wrong one may result in the switch not functioning properly.
  • To determine if this switch will work as a replacement for your current switch, it is necessary to check the serial number. This switch can replace switches whose serial number begins with SN:E90HUE, SN:E90HUEN, SN:WT90HUE, or SN:WT90HUEN.
  • It is important to distinguish between the HX90HUE and another sub-model, the HX90HU. Their serial numbers both start with HX90HU, but these two sub-models cannot be replaced with each other. The HX90HUE's bar code tag has an HX90HUE mark on top, while the HX90HU does not.
  • If you find that the one you need is the HX90HU, please click here.
  • We can provide other sub-models as well, if you need a different one, please send us a picture of your switch's serial number sticker, we will recommend the correct one for you.

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Speedy delivery. Much appreciated. I would order from you again.

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