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eMoMo E202A-L junction box for home theater chair

eMoMo E202A-L junction box for home theater chair

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  • This is the genuine eMoMo E202A-L junction box (also known as the control box), if the junction box you are about to replace has the exact same model number, this box will replace it perfectly.
  • This junction box is used on home theater chairs.
  • It connects with a cup holder, a linear actuator motor, two LED light stripes, a control switch, and a USB port.

Important notice

  • The serial number on the junction box indicates the model number. The model number of this junction box is E202A-L.
  • Please check the serial number of your junction box, if it starts with "SN:E202AL" or "SN:WT202AL", this one will replace yours perfectly; if not, please do not order it.
  • We do not keep stock for this item, it will take us about 10-15 days to ship your package, and the shipping may cost another 10-15 days.

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