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DN-34C 6 Button Heat & Vibration Remote Controller for Recliner - 8 pin

DN-34C 6 Button Heat & Vibration Remote Controller for Recliner - 8 pin

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*** The DN-34C has 2 versions, one with heating function, the other one doesn’t. This is the with heating version, if you need the one that without heating, please click here. ***


This is the genuine DN-34C remote controller for power recliner or lift chair. With 6 buttons. operates the heat & vibration massage system. If your remote controller is same with this one, it will replace yours seamlessly.


  • Heat: Turn on or off the recliner's heating function for added warmth.
  • Vibration Massage System: Activate the vibration massage for a relaxing experience.
  • Customizable Massage: Select from 5 vibration modes to personalize your comfort.
  • 3 massage durations (10, 20, or 30 minutes)
  • Adjustable Intensity: Choose from 3 vibration intensity levels for a massage that suits your preference.
  • Massage area selection: with 4 vibration points, select the desired point in a click.


Technical Specifications:

  • 6 buttons
  • 8-pin female plug (for connecting to the recliner)


Ensure Compatibility Before You Buy

This remote control is designed to replace your original remote only if it meets ALL the following conditions:

  • Identical Appearance: The design and button layout of your original remote must be exactly the same as this remote control.
  • Matching Circuit Board Code: The circuit board inside your original remote must have the code DN-34C. This code is printed on the front side of the circuit board, to reach it, you need to dismount your remote controller with a screwdriver and take off the circuit board from the plastic housing.
  • Wire Sequence Compatibility: The wires on bottom of the circuit board must be arranged in the same order as the wires shown in the following picture.

If your original remote does NOT meet ALL these requirements, this remote will not be compatible. Please verify compatibility before purchasing.

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