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DL-SK-127- 002 4 Button Switch for Armless or Middle Seat Sectional

DL-SK-127- 002 4 Button Switch for Armless or Middle Seat Sectional

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Genuine DL-SK-127-002 Switch. Features 4 buttons and 5 pin plus 2 pin plugs, this switch is usually installed on the middle seat of a sectional sofa/couch.



  • The switch has 4 buttons that typically control the footrest up/down and the headrest forward/backward (functions may vary depending on the specific chair).
  • It has 2 cables & plugs: A 5 pin plug connects to the footrest motor (main motor); a female 2 pin plug connects to the head cushion motor (deputy motor).
  • The switch mounts to the sofa frame with a metal mounting plate.



  • Perfect match: This switch Replaces DL-SK-127-002, DL-SK-127-L-002, DL-SK-127-R-002 switches seamlessly.
  • Almost a match: It can replace other DL-SK-127 switches (for example DL-SK-127-001) if they also have 4 buttons and use the same plugs.
  • Not a match: if the model number is not DL-SK-127, this switch won’t be able to replace it.
  • Unsure? Contact Us: If you're unsure about compatibility, please contact us before ordering. You can reach us by email at or by phone at +8613802247190.


Installation Flexibility: Left or Right Side Mounting

This DL-SK-127 switch offers flexible installation for either the left or right side of your seat. Two sub-models are available:

  • DL-SK-127-L-002: Designed for left-side mounting (when facing the seat).
  • DL-SK-127-R-002: Designed for right-side mounting (when facing the seat).

The Key Difference:

The only difference between these models is the pre-attached metal mounting plate location.

We ship DL-SK-127-L-002 by default, the metal mounting plate need to be adjusted to the opposite side of the switch if the model number of your switch is DL-SK-127-R-002



  • Model number: DL-SK-127-002  
  • Rated Voltage: 29V 2A.

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