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5-Way 4 Splitter Cord for Linear Actuator - 19.5 inch

5-Way 4 Splitter Cord for Linear Actuator - 19.5 inch

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This is a replacement 4-splitter cord for linear actuator motor. It is suitable for the main linear actuator that drives two deputy actuators. If the original cord of your linear actuator has the same specification, you can use this one to replace yours.
  • One end of the cord has an 8-pin round plug, a 2-pin male plug, and two 2-pin female plugs. The other end of the cord has two bare wires.
  • The two bare wires are fixed into the linear actuator.
  • The 8-pin round plug connects to the remote controller. The 2-pin male plug connects to the power adapter. The two 2-pin female plugs connect to the deputy motors.
  • The cable length is about 50cm (19.5inches)

Important notice:

  • This cord is not compatible with all linear actuators. Please only purchase it if your original linear actuator cord is identical.
  • To replace this cord, basic electrical skills are required. If you do not know how to replace it, we suggest hiring an electrician to avoid potential damage or short circuit risks.

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