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5 Button 8 Pin Hand Control Remote Replaces HV4200-HC for Lift Chair

5 Button 8 Pin Hand Control Remote Replaces HV4200-HC for Lift Chair

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Important Compatibility Information:

  • Plug Type: This remote control has a female plug. If your original remote's plug is male, they will not be compatible. Please check the plug type of your existing remote before ordering.
  • Best Home Furnishings Compatibility: This remote is not compatible with similar-looking remotes from Best Home Furnishings. For a replacement for a Best Home Furnishings remote, please visit their website or contact their customer support.
  • New version: This remote controller has been updated, the power button has been cancelled on the latest version. We now can only provide the latest version. It can replace the old version. 


  • This remote control can replace the HV4200-HC, it is suitable for PL340, PR480, PR522, PR524, UC480, UC522, UC524, UC342
  • It has five buttons, which operate the Lift/Recline, heat on/off and vibration massage on/off.
  • It is suitable for power lift chairs or recliner chairs.
  • The plug of the remote controller is an 8-pin female plug with a lock clip.

Please Note:

  • This remote controller is not universal, please DO NOT order if your original remote controller is different.

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Customer Reviews

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Andrea Breuer
You sent me the wrong controller

Then try to tell me that you didn't have the right controller when you're add specifically specifies that is the replacement for that very same controller. Then you want me to send a controller that I did not order because you sent me the wrong controller and your ad specifically states that I'm purchasing the controller to replace mine yeah I'm very unhappy.
You expect me to accept a 50% reimbursement because you sent me the wrong product. I shouldn't have to pay to send you back a product I did not order.

Dear Andrea,
According to our email communication:
Your original remote controller is a Best Home Furnishings remote controller, and as we warmed in the product description page - our remote controller can not replace it.
We have shared return instruction with you, and proposalled a 50% refund without returning the package. You can choose a prefered option.

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