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23300080X000(B) Recliner Side Switch 7 Button with USB

23300080X000(B) Recliner Side Switch 7 Button with USB

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  • This is the genuine 23300080X000(B) Recliner Switch, if your switch has the same model number, this switch will fit your chair seamlessly.
  • The switch has 7 buttons, it is suitable for recliners with 2 linear actuator motors.
  • With a USB charging port, you can use it to charge your mobile device.
  • This switch has 3 cables & plugs: The round 5 pin plug connects to the footrest motor; The black 2 pin plug connects to the head cushion motor; The white plug connects to the LED light



  • Model Number: 23300080X000(B)
  • Rated Voltage: 29V 2A
  • USB port output: 5V 2.1A



  • The 23300080X000(B) is not a cross compatible switch, please only order when your switch has the same model number.
  • The plastic cover of the switch is difficult to remove once it is locked. To facilitate your installation, the cover will be separated from the switch when shipping.
  • When you are installing the switch, do not install the plastic cover until everything is done.
  • After installing this switch to your chair, please operate all the actuator motors to the longest and shortest position a couple of times, so that the switch can identify the stroke of the motor.
  • Avoid quick operation of the buttons: When responding to the switching operation, the current is relatively large, and quick operation is more likely to cause damage to the switch.

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