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2 Pin Male to Male Cable for Recliner or Lift Chair - 78.7in

2 Pin Male to Male Cable for Recliner or Lift Chair - 78.7in

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  • This cable has male flat & round two pin plug on both ends, it is suitable for recliner chairs, lift chairs and other electric motion furniture.
  • This cable is designed for the inner DC power connection, to connect in between two female 2-pin plugs.
  • The length of this line is two meters (78.7 inches)


  • This is a male-to-male cable. If you need a male-to-female cable, this cable cannot meet your requirements. Please do not buy it.
  • This cord is for indoor use only, do not use it outdoors
  • Please pay attention to avoid contacting the plug with other metal parts in the energized state to avoid short circuit.
  • Please note that this is not the external power cable that plugs into your wall outlet.

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