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Replaces ELEASMB7120017 Lift Chair Remote Control 2 Button 5 pin W/ USB & Backlight

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  • This 2 button 5 pin remote controller fits most single motor lift chairs, it can replace the ELEASMB7120017, DGN124071, ELEASMB7337, ELEASMB7306, ELEASMB6236, ELEASMB7288, ELEASMB7285 perfectly.
  • The remote has a white surface, the buttons are outlined with blue backlit, which makes it easy to operate in dark
  • The remote controller has a USB charging port on top, you can use it to charge your mobile devices.
  • The cable length is 5.9ft
  • The plug is an industry standard 5 pin round plug and comes with a short right-angled adapter.

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