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Replacement Blue LED Light Strip for Home Theater Recliner Chair

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Designed to be used on the base rail of chairs & sofas, if your chair/sofa's LED strip is damaged, you can use this one to replace.
  • Generates stunning blue light under your seats
  • Universal design, compatible with almost all brands
  • High quality & super long life cycle
  • Plug & play design, easy to install

Please read the following information carefully, it is very important for choosing the right stip: 

  • Two plug types: This LED strip has two plug options, 2.1DC male plug, 2 pin O/I male plug, please choose according to your chair's specification.

  • 2 Length Options: 20in/50cm for single seat sofa/recliner; 59in/150cm for three or four-seat sofa/recliner
  • 3 Voltage option: 5V, 12V, 24V, please choose according to the output voltage of your chair's power adapter, if you are not sure, please double-check with the seller, the wrong voltage may burn the strip.
  • Only compatible with chairs that have a light switch: The strip shall be used integrated with a light on/off switch, usually, the switch is either on the cup holder or on the remote controller, if your chair does not have this switch, then, this strip won't work on your chair.

Package includes:
  • 1* LED strip

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