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Pocket Hole Jig Kit for Joinery Woodworking Inclined Drill Locator

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This jig kit helps you to drill pocket hole easily, it is suitable for materials from 0.5''-2'' (10-50 mm) thickness.

  • Easy to install & use: make pocket hole drilling easier than ever, and bring great accuracy to your woodworking
  • Durable: made by good quality Aluminum Alloy, which assures strength & durability with a lighter weight.
  • Accessories practical - It includes 4 drive screws, 20 pocket hole plugs
  • Titanium Coated step drill bit -- better than the ordinary drill bit. effective, durable than others.

Item Description:
  • Material: Aluminum 6061
  • Surface treatment: anodized
  • Color: Blue
  • Black drill bushing: Diameter 9.5MM (steel jacket heat treatment)
  • Laser Engraving Scale: wear-proof

Product Size:
1. jig device:
90mm x 47mm x 36mm(Length * Width * Height)
2. 9.5mm stepped drill: 58mm (Length)
3. Stop ring: 13mm (Height)
4. Phillips screwdriver: 150mm (Length)
5. Allen wrench: 60mm (Length)
6. Tool Box: 200mm x 120mm x 80mm (Length * Width * Height)

How to use:
1. Adjust the height of good drill,
2. clamped fight wood,
3. Drill holes into touch wood,
4. The drill bit then put up five millimeters (remember not to start against the wood drill),
5. start the drill reaches a certain speed 500-1500
6. advanced to slow down, and another fine tip drill into the half or full-forward, then feed can accelerate

Packing Included:

  • 1 x Pocket hole jig device
  • 1 x 9.5mm stepped drill (with stop ring)
  • 1 x Phillips screwdriver
  • 1 x Allen wrench
  • 1 x Tool Box

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