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Creative Easy Knife Sharpener 3 Stages Kitchen Knives Grinding Tool

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This Knife Sharpener has made sharpening knife easier than ever, its 3 stages 35° V shape sharpener ports allow you to sharpen your knife in seconds, and no skill, no experience is required, all you need to do is sliding your knife against the sharpener ports several times.  
  • Creative 35° sharpener ports, making knife sharpening easier than ever. 
  • 3 Stage sharpening
  • Suitable for most knifes
  • Patent design: stylish, compact, easy to use, easy to store
  • Safety for use: non-slip rubber base, reminding safety bumps

This knife sharpener has 3 sharpening ports, which are for 3 different sharpening stages:
  • Coarse: Use Tungsten Steel sharpening rods, for coarsely sharpen knives, or restore the V-shape cutting edge of knives.
  • Fine: Use Diamond sharpening rods, for regular knife fine sharpening after coarse stage
  • Ceramic: Use aviation ceramic sharpening rods, for eliminating burrs and metal chips after fine stage

*If your knife is very dull, please start from the "coarse" port, then "fine", then "ceramic" port 

How to use
Hold the sharpener with your left hand, hold the knife with your right, keep the knife perpendicular to the sharpener, set the tail of the knife onto the sharpener port, gently drag it backward, repeat it 4-5 times on each sharpening port.

Always drag the knife in the direction of the arrow, do not drag it back and forth (this will damage the knife)


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