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50,000 pcs Water Beads 2-2.5mm Magic Water Growing Balls 13 color mixed

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The water bead can grow significantly in water. It was one of the most popular toys in the summer. In addition to that, water beads have many other usages, such as home decoration, plant, vase decor, flower holding, etc.

A Great Toy for Sensory Play
What better gift can you give your kids and keep them smiling for hours? 

Kids of all ages love the feel and look of them. Enjoy the shiny summer with your little ones, pull out our beans in the bathtub/swimming pool/bottle/washbasin/bowl and enjoy the joy the beads bring.

Memorable Fairy Tale Color
These bottles are full of rainbow mixed color beads, super bright. colorful and colorfast.
Whether in your playtime or decorations, the beads will create a very fairy tale color that would be very memorable for you and your kids.

Plants Helper
They help plants retain water and reduce the amount of watering plants need.
Release the water gradually so the plant isn't flooded with water.
Also, act as a replacement for soil with some plants. Bamboo
plants do well with water beads rather than soil.

Additional Benefit
Our beads are recyclable. you can re-use the beads as many times as you want, grow up many times, and don't need to worry about them losing their color.

1. Nontoxic, biodegradable, no pollution, no fade, reusable, environmentally friendly.
2. beautiful bold COLORFAST color in each bead, fashional, just enjoy.
3. Soil-free cultivation just needs water.
4. Crystal Soil Water Beads perfect for a flower, plants, vase, toy gun, centerpieces, any design.
5. Lots of fun, many uses for fun or decorations.
6. Rainbow Mix Value Pack.
7. 100% brand new and high quality!


  • Body material: Polyacrylate and resin
  • Hydroscopicity:100%
  • Color: Mixed Color 
  • Gross weight: 280g (including 20g plastic bottle)
  • Capacity: 9oz
  • Bottle size: 8x3.8x11.5cm
  • The diameter of a hydrogel: 2-2.5mm
  • Package: plastic bottle

Please Note:
CHOKING HAZARD-Small parts. not for children under 3 years.

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