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Linear Actuator Wireless Remote Controller Set 12/24V suitable for Recliner, Garage door, Medical chair/beds, Salon chair etc

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This controller set gives you the ability to control any linear actuator wirelessly.
It contains a car key style 2-way controller, and a receiver device. The Receiver device uses standard 2 pins (1 round +1 flat) male and female connectors, you can easily add it between the power adaptor and the linear actuator.
By adding it to your current product, you will gain wireless control ability to your product immediately. This will make your daily life or work easier than ever.
The remote controller has 2 direction buttons, and it uses 433.92MHz RF to send the control signal. To operate, simply press the button.

  • Wireless remote control receiver is simply wired in between the DC power supply and the linear actuator or DC motor.
  • Controls the up/down/stop or clockwise/counterclockwise/stop movement of 12/24V DC motors.
  • Easy to install and quick response.
  • It has a small size, stable and reliable performance, and high receive sensitivity.
  • It covers the application area from simple domestic remote control to autonomous control, like auto door, window, lifting equipment, entrance access, and up and down control.

According to the linear actuator's voltage, the receiver has two versions for option: 12V and 24V, pls choose accordingly.

This device contains a car key style RF remote, and an acceptor/controller.  Simply insert the acceptor between the power supply adaptor and the motor, you are ready to control your linear actuator with the small remote. 
The acceptor can fit power supply adaptors and motors with 2 pin connection (1 flat pin + 1 round pin). 


  • RF frequency: 433.92MHz
  • Control distance: 30M
  • Code matching method: Power on code/keycode
  • Input voltage: DC12V / 29V
  • Output (working) voltage: DC12V / 30V
  • Standby (static) current: 10mA
  • Rated current: less than 10A
  • Rated power: less than 500W
  • Material: ABS

Package Includes:

  • 1* acceptor/controller
  • 1* wireless remote
  • Make sure the power of the actuator is not higher than the rated power, or the acceptor/controller might be burned out. 
  • Make sure the connection between the acceptor and the power supply adaptor, the motor is tight
  • Fix the acceptor to prevent connection loss.
  • Do not cover the receiver with a metal box or net cover, as it will not be able to receive control signals.

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