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10 pcs Compatible Label Tape for Brother Printer 1/2in (12mm) Replaces TZe 231 TZe-231 TZe231

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This package contains 10 pcs of compatible print tapes, it can be used on Brother P Touch series printers.

  • The width of the tape is 1/2 inch, and the length is 26.2ft, it replaces the

    TZe 231 TZe-231 TZe231 tapes

  • Compatible : Brother P touch PT-1230PC, PT-1280, PT-1280SR, PT-1290, PT-1880, PT-H100, PT-D200, PT-D210, PT-D400, PT-D400AD, PT-D450, PT-2030, PT-2030VP, PT-2430PC, PT-P700, PT-P750W, PT-D600, PT-2730, PT-2730VP, GL-100, GL-H100, PT-1000, PT-1000BM, PT-1010, PT-1010B, PT-1010NB, PT-1010R, PT-1010RDT, PT-1010S, PT-1090, PT-1090BK, PT-1100, PT-1100QL, PT1100SB, PT-1100SBVP, PT-1100ST, PT-1120, PT-1130, PT-1160, PT-1170, PT-1170S, PT-1180, PT-1180SC, PT-1180SP, PT-1190, PT-11Q, PT-1200, PT-1280BT PT-1280SP, PT-1280TG, PT-1280VP, PT-128AF, PT-1290BT, PT-1290BT2, PT-1290RS, PT-1290SBVP, PT-1300, PT-1400, PT-1500, PT-1500PC, PT-1600, PT-1700, PT-1750, PT-1750SC, PT-1800, PT-1810, PT-1830, PT-1830C, PT-1830SC, PT-1830VP, PT-1880C, PT-1880CT, PT-1880SC, PT-1880W, PT-1890C, PT-1890SC, PT-1890W, PT-18R, PT-18RKT, PT-1900, PT-1900C, PT-1910, PT-1950, PT-1960, PT-200, PT-2030AD, PT-2100, PT-2110, PT-2200, PT-2210, PT-2300, PT-2310, PT-2400, PT-2410, PT-2500PC, PT-2600, PT-2610, PT-2700, PT-2710

Why buy from us

  • All our compatible label tapes are tested strictly in order to guarantee quality. They are all with excellent glue which can make sure they can be sticked very well and firmly. What's more, They are anti-fade, anti-abrasion, anti-corrosion as well as waterproof, oilproof, etc
  • With equivalent or better performance than the genuine label tape
  • CE,FCC,Rohs Certificated
  • Each print tape is packed separately with a plastic bag


  • Model: AZe-231
  • Compatible Brand: Brother
  • Color: Black on White
  • Width: 1/2 inch (12mm)
  • Length: 26.2ft (8m)
  • Replaces: TZe 231 TZe-231 TZe231
  • Printing technology: Thermal transfer printing

Package includes:

  • 10* Aze-231 print tapes


  • A compatible label tape (also known as print ribbon/cartridge) is a consumption print tape made by a third-party manufacturer and can replace the genuine label tape 100%.

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