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Genuine Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy S21 S21 Plus And S21 Ultra

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This mobile phone case adopts the skinning process, combining the lychee pattern top layer cowhide with the TPU mobile phone case frame, which effectively protects your mobile phone while demonstrating your elegance and dignity. Suitable for the new Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, and S21 Ultra phones.

  • Back material: first layer cowhide
  • Frame material: TPU + PC

 Key Features

  • Use the first layer of cowhide
  • Classic Lychee Pattern
  • Full cover design: the phone case adopts a TPU frame + PC bottom case design to effectively protect your phone
  • The button area adopts a soft-edge design, and the location is accurate to ensure that the phone button is sensitive and easy to operate
  • The edge of the case is higher than the camera, which can effectively prevent the camera from scratching
  • Four corners are applied with soft silicone material, effectively protect the phone when accidentally dropped

Package includes: 

  • 1* phone case for Samsung Galaxy S21/S21 puls/S21 Ultra

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